Thursday, 5 April 2012

Sex energy transmutation

Last week I wrote a blog called "does money follow attention" which received a bit of attention and brought up a discussion about energy. As I happen to have a keen interest in learning more about energy, how it affects us, what its true power is and whether or not it does actually flow from one form to another without losing its existence, I have decided to open the topic to all of you very smart Ecadamists.

I think sexual energy is a great place to start as it gets the juices flowing, stimulates our nerves and opens the door to great conversation, so I will start here.

It is said that the law of attraction is as real as we are and that through our thought processes and energy we emit, we attract into our lives exactly what we focus our minds on most. One who focuses with a positive mind and on positive outcomes is eventually rewarded and one who focuses with a negative mind on negative outcomes will certainly bring unto himself the very failures he focuses on. 

Taking this same thought process a step further, we all know that sexual energy is the most powerful form of natural energy known to us. Its power comes from our biological desire to procreate and leave our footprint on the world. This desire can make or break us; if left uncontrolled it will lead us to promiscuity and immoral acts, however if harnessed and directed toward thoughts of success, it can cause us to create within ourselves powers beyond our imagination. This sexual energy transforms from the desire to have sex, into intense determination and creative thought, giving us the persistence to succeed through all obstacles. Equally, it has the power to attract others toward us and our goals. 

How do you rate your sexual energy?

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