Thursday, 5 April 2012

Does money follow attention?

How business marketing has significantly changed from five years ago? The fundamental point is that we need to create attention in order to have the money follow. Whilst I agree with this I am puzzled as to how we go about making that transition from general attention to attention that actually creates an income stream.
We all know of those successful people who have huge followings. The likes of Donald Trump and Richard Branson have defined success in their fields. The question is, did their success bring attention to their product and to them, or did they create the attention required to make themselves successful which in turn created their wealth?

If attention does truly attract money, and there certainly seems to be validity to this, then what kind of attention is required? We all know of famous people who continue to attract a huge amount of attention to themselves, the likes of Lindsay Lohan, but do no good to their reputation for long term success and continuously lower their income potential. 

So if attention does attract money, what kind of attention is needed and how do we transition that attention into an income stream?

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